JacqMaria Jewelry was founded by Jacqueline in 2017. Each collection of jewelry is designed in New York and created to empower, encourage, and brighten each and every person who wears it. JacqMaria Jewelry is designed to be worn alone or layered together. Mix and match the different textured chains and pendants for a unique look. The combinations are endless!

Our vision is to spread kindness with JacqMaria Jewelry by motivating every member of our community to practice an act of kindness each day. Every interaction with someone is an opportunity to create a positive impact on both your lives. We also would like to recognize that kindness can start within ourselves. Self-kindness is being understanding and compassionate towards ourselves at every point in our lives. JacqMaria Jewelry is spreading this message by donating 20% of our net proceeds from all items in the Be Kind Collection to the non-profit organization, Life Vest Inside. Join us on our journey to change the world with kindness!

We have created a list of our favorite acts of kindness that were inspired by friends, family, neighbors, and customers!

  • Talk to someone new.
  • Really listen.
  • Eat and buy local.
  • Be inclusive.
  • Be openly appreciative.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Smile.
  • Be the first RSVP.
  • Hold the door open.
  • Offer your seat.
  • Sit next to someone who’s alone.
  • Put away your phone.
  • Offer to take a photo of a family.
  • Help the person trying to get the stroller through the door.
  • Leave a nice tip.
  • Hug often.
  • Pay for the coffee or ice cream cone of the person behind you in line.
  • Forgive.
  • Be kind to the messenger.
  • Offer your last piece of gum.
  • Be the one to shift the negative conversation.
  • Only say nice words to yourself.

We would love to hear your act of kindness! Send yours to our email info@jacqmariajewelry.com