World Necklace | Gold


24K Gold Plated  Stainless Steel Chain with Gold World/Earth/Globe Pendant

  • Length of Necklace: approx. 18 inches

Customer Reviews

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Lina Adelbrecht
in love!!

I got this necklace while I was (or am) on my exchange in the United States and it’ll always remind me of how I’m capable of doing what I dream of and that within time, I’ll see more and more beautiful places of this world! I wear it every single day and don’t take it off at night - it’s as pretty as it was when I got it <3 also, it is the perfect length! thank u so much, it’s so inspiring!!

chloe williams

i wear this necklace every day and in the shower. it hasn’t tarnished. im in love.

Kimberly Perleberg
Change the World

I got this for Christmas for my daughter. She actually picked it out because she loved it, but when I gave it to her I told her I bought it because when she looks at it to remember mom believes she can change the world. Love it!

Jenna Roberts

i wear this necklace every single day. i’ve had it for about a year now and just wanted to leave a review. it hasn’t tarnish or changed color at all. this necklace means a lot to me i love it and when i don’t wear it i just feel naked in a way lol. definitely recommend it.

Mackenzie Erickson

The cutest necklace ever!! I wear it in the ocean, the shower, and the pool and it doesn’t tarnish!! I wear it everyday and it’s a perfect stable piece!!